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A playful back strap ensemble provides a sassy contrast to the neat front design, spoiling the beholder with heaps of cheeky elegance.

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Base Kaki Lycra Matt  Back Biscotta Net


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Base Options Lycra Matt Lycra Shiny Velvet
Base Bianko Bianko Old White Old White String String Biscotto (Skin) Biscotto (Skin) Oro (Gold) Oro (Gold) Fango Fango Militare Militare Kaki Kaki Terra Terra Tabaco Tabaco Cacao Cacao Freese Freese Smile Fluo* Smile Fluo* Erba Erba Green Spring Green Spring Lattementa Lattementa Irish Green Irish Green Jade Jade Verde Verde Foresta Foresta Sempreverde Sempreverde Blu Fondale Blu fondale Oxygen Oxygen Paradiso Paradiso Nuvola Nuvola Mediterraneo Mediterraneo Pepete* Pepete* Turquoise Turquoise Electric Blue Electric blue Offshor Offshor Savoia Savoia Ocean Sea Ocean Sea Azul Azul Tenerife Tenerife Elettrico Elettrico Tropea Tropea Ciclamino Ciclamino Cayenne Cayenne Prugna Prugna Blue Note Blue Note Meteorite Meteorite Giollo Fluo* Giollo Fluo* Mimosa Mimosa Acido Acido Flamenko Flamenko Ambra Ambra Coccinella Coccinella Purpura Purpura Cherry Red Cherry Red Burdeos Burdeos Ortensia Ortensia Memory Memory Dalia Dalia Lila Lila Artic Blue Artic Blue Champane Champane Pupa Pupa Bubble Gum Bubble Gum Barbie Barbie Dafne Dafne Zucchero Filato Zucchero Filato Candy Pink* Candy Pink* Fragolina Fragolina Geranio Geranio Fucsia Fucsia Delhi Delhi Melanzana Melanzana Barbabietola Barbabietola Acero Acero Argento Argento Shadow Shadow Denim Denim Titanium Titanium Oltremare Oltremare Nero Nero Black Elements Black Elements Blue Dreamflowers Blue Dreamflowers Blue Elements Blue Elements Golden Fishnet Golden Fishnet Green Elements Green Elements Rubi Rubi Japanese Garden Red Japanese Garden Red Red Elements Red Elements Triangle Miracle Triangle Miracle Violet Dreamflowers Violet Dreamflowers Storm Strom Coleidoscop Coleidoscop Expression Expression
Back Options Lycra Matt Lycra Shiny Velvet
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Chest width68-7473-8079-8483-89
Upper hips78-8482-8887-9392-98
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Lycra Matt, Lycra Shiny, Velvet


Bianko, Old White, String, Biscotto (Skin), Oro (Gold), Fango, Militare, Kaki, Terra, Tabaco, Cacao, Freese, Smile Fluo*, Erba, Green Spring, Lattementa, Irish Green, Jade, Verde, Foresta, Sempreverde, Blu Fondale, Oxygen, Paradiso, Nuvola, Mediterraneo, Pepete*, Turquoise, Electric Blue, Offshor, Savoia, Ocean Sea, Azul, Tenerife, Elettrico, Tropea, Ciclamino, Cayenne, Prugna, Blue Note, Meteorite, Giollo Fluo*, Mimosa, Acido, Flamenko, Ambra, Coccinella, Purpura, Cherry Red, Burdeos, Ortensia, Memory, Dalia, Lila, Artic Blue, Champane, Pupa, Bubble Gum, Barbie, Dafne, Zucchero Filato, Candy Pink*, Fragolina, Geranio, Fucsia, Delhi, Melanzana, Barbabietola, Acero, Argento, Shadow, Denim, Titanium, Oltremare, Nero, Black Elements, Blue Dreamflowers, Blue Elements, Golden Fishnet, Green Elements, Rubi, Japanese Garden Red, Red Elements, Triangle Miracle, Violet Dreamflowers, Storm, Coleidoscop, Expression

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Lycra Matt, Lycra Shiny, Velvet


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