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The SOLO collection raises the threshold in the sector of professional dancewear. MADE IN GERMANY has long been associated with quality and perfection – and for this reason SOLO has chosen to take the market lead by producing its entire collection in Germany. The German tradition of HIGH QUALITY MANUFACTURING has enjoyed global trust for generations. Meticulous attention to detail aims to ensure that each piece in the SOLO Collection meets or even exceeds the most demanding standards in terms of client expectations.

Advanced precision tools, hi-tech factories, top craftsmanship and a wealth of experience are united to manufacture this TOP QUALITY PRODUCT. The result is the unquestionable FEELING OF EXCELLENCE when wearing a SOLO garment.

Designed with PURE EMOTION for the embodiment of movement, SOLO designs have already received much acclaim from the professional dance sector. ELEGANCE, STYLE, QUALITY and COMFORT in unique, personalized designs are the hallmark of the SOLO brand. Launched in 2014, the SOLO brand marks the onset of a new generation in professional dancewear.

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